Wazhma Frogh

Women, Peace & Security Expert


Wazhma Frogh “Zulfiqar” is the Co-founder & Executive Director of the Institute for Women Peace & Security (RIWPS-Afghanistan) and a women’s rights activist who has led rights campaigns throughout the country. Ms.Frogh brings around 17 years of struggle and dedication to empowerment and inclusion of Afghan women in Afghanistan.

She is a graduate of Warwick, University UK, with an LLM in International Development Law & Human Rights. Frogh is also trained at Harvard University and George Washington University in human rights, legislative advocacy and campaigning, and gender and peace building in Afghanistan. She is a frequent representative spokesperson at national, regional and international platforms on Afghanistan. She represented Afghan civil society and women’s groups at the Traditional Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly) held in Kabul in November 2011.

Ms.Frogh and her co-founder conceptualized the Institute for Women Peace & Security (RIWPS-Afghanistan) following the first Peace Jirga in 2010 with an effort to include the voices and perspectives of people, particularly women in the peace process and talks with the Taliban insurgents. Since then, Ms. Frogh has worked with 189 women leaders from all over the country to ensure that women’s traditional and emerging roles are utilized as resources for building peace at the local level which should be leveraged during peace and reintegration efforts of the Afghan government.

As part of her work at the Institute, she continues to lobby for women’s inclusion in the security sector. She is working with youth groups across the country to promote positive images of female police and she is a key lobbyist working with the Afghan government to ensure that the voices of the youth and women are included in the  voices in fighting insurgency and Taliban violent extremism through community based peace building & conflict resolution mechanisms locally.

BASED IN: Kabul, Afghanistan

LANGUAGES: English, Pashto/Dari [Native] , Urdu and Hindi.


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