24 September

Laura El-Tantawy

© David Alan Harvey Egyptian photographer FOLLOW LAURA Laura El-Tantawy is an award-winning Egyptian photographer. Born in Worcestershire, England to Egyptian parents and growing up between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the US, her work explores memory and identity with a focus on social and environmental issues, particularly those pertaining to her own background. In 2002, […]

27 April

Moudhi Aljamea

Expert in Internet Security and Social Media FOLLOW MOUDHI Moudhi is a young Saudi internet security expert and entrepreneur. She graduated in Computer Information Systems at King Faisal University in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. On graduating in, 2006 she started her own IT company, becoming the first Saudi woman to own and manage an IT company.  After […]

5 February

Honey Al-Sayed

Creative Consultant FOLLOW HONEY “For positive change to occur in the Middle East – civil and social reform must take place and we need to make an effort to understand and accept each other. We must build strong cultural bridges between the Middle East and the West. The only way to do this is through […]

2 February

Dr. Nadia Oweidat

Expert on Islam and Political Islam Dr. Nadia Oweidat is an academic with expertise on many aspects of Islam, and Political Islam. She is currently a non-residential Fellow at New America Foundation exploring the challenges to political Islam from within Islam itself. She is also conducting research on Internet trends among Arab youth, analyzing websites […]

22 December

May Abdel Asim

Egyptian Entrepreneur in Publishing and Media FOLLOW MAY May is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the publishing and media fields in Egypt. She is the founder and managing editor of What Women Want…Magazine and the Managing Director of Media & More, a boutique advertising and digital media agency. Following a career in marketing, May […]