24 September

Laura El-Tantawy

© David Alan Harvey Egyptian photographer FOLLOW LAURA Laura El-Tantawy is an award-winning Egyptian photographer. Born in Worcestershire, England to Egyptian parents and growing up between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the US, her work explores memory and identity with a focus on social and environmental issues, particularly those pertaining to her own background. In 2002, […]

24 November

Nilufar Izadi

Fine Artist Nilu is a British-born fine artist of Iranian descent. Her love of photography has led her to travel extensively, meticulously building permanent and temporary cameras obscura world wide. Inspired by the different landscapes and backdrops to her obscura projects, as well as by her exposure to many different cultures, Nilu has made stunning […]

11 July


Jerusalem born visual artist   “After 9/11 the Middle East started being portrayed as one entity as though all these different countries constitute one country” Sansour studied Fine Art in Copenhagen, London and New York. Her work is interdisciplinary and is immersed in current political dialogue. Her unique style freely mixes video, photography, installation, the […]