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Conflict Resolution Mediator and Trainer

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Ghandi


Tanya is a conflict management and mediation trainer using the methods of non-violent communication. She is also a well-known Lebanese television presenter and one of the best-known voice over artists in the Middle East.

Born to a Christian father carrying the Muslim name Mahmood, and to a Muslim mother carrying the Christian name Juliette (later changed to Leila), Tanya grew up in the war-torn Lebanon of the 70s and 80s.

During periods of sectarianism and madness when people got killed for their religion or name, she and her mother had to hide away to keep themselves safe, so Tanya learnt early on the power of the “labels” we impose on each other.

It was these personal experiences that led to her pursuing a career in journalism. Tanya became a well-known figure on local TV and Arab satellite channels as well as a well-established voice over artist. She is the voice of many mobile phone companies that operate in the Arab world and Africa, and the voice in many Arabic adverts for major international brands.

Following her successful media career, Tanya was part of the first group of Arabs to study nonviolence in the MENA region at the first university of its kind in the Arab world: AUNOHR (Academic University for Nonviolence and Human Rights).

She received an MBA in Nonviolent Education and Conflict Resolution and went on to become a leading mediator and trainer in the field of nonviolent Communication or NVC.

Tanya has since introduced NVC as a subject to be taught at a number of private schools in Lebanon. She now spends much of her time teaching NVC in many local and international NGOs, to trainers, private sector companies, university students and Syrian and Palestinian refugees, and in schools all over Lebanon. She is a visiting trainer in Egypt, Jordan and Kurdistan.

She’s also an educational trainer for the abolition of the death penalty, and has also worked with death row inmates in Lebanon.

BASED IN: Beirut, Lebanon
LANGUAGES: Arabic, English and French.