Professor of Economic and Regional Studies, Turkey

Dr. Sema Kalaycioglu is Dean of the faculty of economics and administrative sciences at Dogus University, chairperson of the department of economics at Isik and Yildiz Technical Universities, the director of the Middle East program at Isik University and the Graduate Dean at Yildiz Technical University.

She currently teaches part-time and is actively involved in the academic councils, publications, activities and seminars of the Turkish Asia Strategic Research Center (TASAM), where she also functions as a consultant.

Her main research and teaching interests are International Economics; Economic Development; International Political Economy; Regional Studies (Area Studies); Political Economy of the Middle East, Energy Economics and Environmental Economics.

Dr. Kalaycioglu is a frequent commentator in the Turkish media and has presented in conferences around the world on a wide variety of topics such as energy security, the regional, economic and political dimensions of the Syrian conflict and the viability of a Kurdish state under conflicting regional sectarian and ethnic interests amongst others.

BASED IN: Istanbul, Turkey
LANGUAGES: Turkish and English.

SEMA ON SCREEN [in Turkish]


The Nude Realities Behind the Nuke Talks, International Middle Eastern Studies Club, April 2015

Between a Mission and Business: Turkey’s New Approach to Africa, Journal of US- China Public Administration, 2012

Economic Losses Political Gains, May 2011