Expert on Interfaith and Religious Minorities


Samia hatroubi is a young French-Tunisian commentator and social activist who specialises in the question of minorities and development Europe generally and Paris more specifically. She is very active in anti-racism campaigning with a focus on issues relating to Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism. She is currently working on different projects to promotes the rights of minorities and inter-faith dialogue with a number of European, French and US-based institutions, including the New York-based Foundation for Ethnic Understanding,  non-profit organization dedicated to promoting racial harmony and strengthening inter-group relations.

She graduated from the University of Lyon 2 with an MA in Islamic Studies and is currently studying Muslim-Jewish relations throughout history at  the Woolf institute in Cambridge, a leading institute in the academic study of relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims.

As a social activist, Samia has done extensive field-work in Palestine, Israel and in the Middle-East on the issue of youth and development. She lived for two years in the region, where she engaged in different grass-roots projects. She notably co-directed the YaLa Youth Leaders program which promotes and advocates for youth participation in the Middle East. She developed a particular expertise in developing tools to engage youth in social media and with new technologies.

Samia is currently working on a documentary about the identity process in the aftermath of the Arab revolutions in Tunisia, Lebanon and Palestine for the youths who can be refugees, stateless or displaced.

BASED IN: Paris, France

LANGUAGES: French, English


CNN January 2015