samar al dreamly

Award winning Journalist, Gaza

Samar is an award winning journalist based in Gaza specialising in women’s affairs. She is coordinator for the media program in Women Affairs Centre based in Gaza City, and a chief editor for Al Ghaidaa Magazine issued by the centre. Al Ghaidaa is the only magazine in Gaza Strip specializing in women’s issues. Samar is a member of the International Union for Journalists, Vice Chairman of the Community Media Centre, member of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate, and a member of the General Assembly for Al Dameer association for human rights. She is the editor and coordinator of a number of books and publications that tackle women’s affairs in general and female journalists’ affairs in particular, published in both Arabic and English. These publications include Women in Confrontation with Israeli Occupation, and Media Workers and Gaza that is Unconquerable by the Clouds in November, 2011. Samar earned her BA in Journalism from the Islamic University, Gaza in August 2003, and her MA in Middle East Studies from Al Azhar University, Gaza in 2010. She also received the scholarship Leaders for Democracy from Syracuse University, in the US in 2014.

BASED IN: Gaza, Palestine

LANGUAGES: English and Arabic



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