Roxana Vilk

Film/Theatre Artist, Writer and Musician


Roxana Vilk is an award-winning Iranian-British film and theatre artist, writer, performer and musician. She is singer and co-producer with the UK-Iranian Jazz band GOL.

Her creative work which has toured all over the Middle East and Europe – has often been informed by the mix of her British and Iranian identities.

Last year, she presented the film Iranian Enough? produced by the BBC, filmed in the US and the UK and exploring issues of migration and diaspora through a personal lens.

In 2007, her documentary Tehran Backyard was nominated for a Royal Television Award and the feature film Trouble Sleeping which she co-wrote in 2008 won a Scottish Bafta Award.

She has since produced and directed a six part TV series called Poets of Protest for AlJazeera English Artscape series as well as experimental shorts filmed in Iraq commissioned by the British council.

Roxana is co-founder of Theatrum Botanicum, with whom she toured extensively around the world and whose ground breaking physical and highly visual shows won the company the first prize at the Edinburgh fringe festival three times.

In 2014 Roxana was nominated for a Margaret Tait Award for her artistic work. She is currently making a film for MTV and working on her next album

BASED IN: Edinburgh, Scotland

LANGUAGES: English, French and Persian