Raya Abu Gulal Iraq


Corporate Lawyer, Co-Founder of the Women Lawyers Group-Middle East

Raya Abu Gulal, was born in Baghdad and grew up between the Netherlands and the UK and is educated in both countries.

Raya is currently running her own legal consultancy firm providing legal advice specialising in the Middle East.  Her practice covers a broad range of corporate and commercial work. Prior to joining to setting up her legal consultancy, Raya worked in the Abu Dhabi offices of two leading International Law Firms. She specialises in corporate and commercial work for local and international clients.

Raya is also active in various women development initiatives in the MENA region and member of various UAE business groups.

Raya Co-founded the Women Lawyers Group-Middle East and is also appointed as the committee member of the International Women Business Group (Abu Dhabi).

 BASED IN: UAE. Netherlands and London.

LANGUAGES: English, Dutch and Arabic. 


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