Rana El-Faramawy Egyptian Business woman

Rana El-Faramawy

Egyptian Business Woman

“Believing you’re never good enough is what keeps you going AND that life is all about the time you give not the time you take”

Having just turned 26, Rana is one of the youngest business owners in Egypt. She is the owner of 4 different Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and managing director of three of them.

At the age of 22 and after the 2011 revolution in Egypt, Rana co-founded and opened her first successful boutique business Bikya – a new concept coffee shop in Cairo selling second hand books, art and coffee.

Four years on and a number of coffee shops later, Rana has gone on to co-found RAM a Regional Business Development and investments Company based in Cairo which helps create new businesses and opportunities in a variety of fields both in Egypt and in the wider region.

Aside from her businesses Rana will be starting a Master’s degree at the University of Cambridge in business administration with a minor in psychology .

Rana is a very eloquent speaker about what it’s like to be a young business woman in the Middle East and about the wider challenges as well as opportunities of creating businesses in the region.


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