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Iranian Writer, Editor and Broadcaster


Kamin Mohammadi is an author, journalist, broadcaster, editor and public speaker. Born in Iran, she and her family moved to the UK during the 1979 Iranian Revolution when she was just a child. After years of rejecting her Iranian identity, as an adult Kamin rediscovered her family connections and the magic of a homeland whose narrative had been hijacked by stories of fundamentalism.

Kamin offers touching human insights into a stunning country whose long heritage, rich culture and complex society has been all but forgotten by the outside world. She is passionate about reinstating Iran in its rightful place within the pantheon of world culture and civilisation, of communicating the human reality of what ordinary Iranians inside Iran live every day, of forming a bridge of common culture and understanding between her British/Western identity and her Iranian one. She speaks eloquently of the experience of exile, refugee issues, Iran’s experience of modernity, the forgotten victims of the Iran-Iraq war, modern Iranian culture such as rap/pop music and graffiti artists, and, of course, the status of Iranian women.

She is a prolific journalist who has written for the British and international press including The Times, the Financial Times, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Condé Nast Traveller (UK and Italy), TIME, Psychologies, Donna Moderna (Italy), Men’s Health, The Sunday Times (UK), The Sunday Times of India, The Mail on Sunday, Virginia Quarterly Review and the Guardian as well as co-authoring The Lonely Planet Guide to Iran and numerous other travel guide books. She was a founding contributor of Tehran Bureau, the acclaimed and award-winning online news bureau dedicated to bringing stories out of Iran that no mainstream media has access to. Tehran Bureau is now hosted by the Guardian website.

Kamin has also authored a book, The Cypress Tree: A Love Letter to Iran (Bloomsbury, 2011), which was published in Italy as Mille Farfalle Nel Sole (Piemme Voci, Sept 2013).

A frequent commentator, she has appeared on BBC Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour, Midweek, Four Thought and The World Tonight, BBC World Service’s Outlook and The World Today Weekend, Channel Four Radio’s The Morning Report, Monocle Radio’s Monocle 24, NPR’s The Weekend Edition and India’s NDTV.

She has appeared in the BBC (television) documentary Iranian Enough? and helped to write and co-present the BBC World Service’s three-part radio documentary Children of The Revolution. She was a major contributor to the BBC Radio Four series Escape from Tehran. She is now a regular presenter of BBC R4’s Four Thought.

Her journalism has been nominated for an Amnesty Human Rights in Journalism award in the UK, and for a National Magazine Award by the American Society of Magazine Editors in the US.

BASED IN: London, Florence
LANGUAGES: English, Farsi and Italian

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