Palestinian negotiations

International Lawyer and Consultant

“Diana Buttu is the closest thing to a Palestinian Makeover”

The Economist


Diana Buttu is a Canadian-Palestinian human rights attorney. A lawyer specializing in negotiations, international law, and international human rights law, Diana served from 2000-2005 as a legal advisor to the Palestinian negotiating team and later to PA President Mahmoud Abbas. In 2004 Ms Buttu was part of the team that worked on the Wall case before the International Court of Justice.

In 2000, Ms Buttu moved from her country of birth, Canada, to her homeland, Palestine, where she served as a legal advisor to the Palestinian negotiating team and later to the Palestinian president. During her time with the PLO, Ms Buttu frequently worked with journalists to get Palestinian voices into the mainstream media. Her efforts attracted the attention of mainstream news outlets with quotes and appearances in major international media outlets such as CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, among others.

Ms Buttu now works as a private attorney and consultant. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Stelle Solidariete Italian prize for her human rights work. She has also held a fellowship at the Stanford Center for Conflict Resolution and Negotiation as well as at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Law School.

Diana holds a BA from the University of Toronto in Middle East and Islamic Studies, a JD from Queen’s University in Canada, an LLM from the University of Toronto, a JSM from Stanford Law School and an executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

BASED IN: Ramallah, Palestine
LANGUAGES: English, Arabic, Hebrew and French.