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Director, Fashion ComPassion


Ayesha is the founder and director of Fashion ComPassion, an online fashion retail site set up as an ethical business whose aim is to create positive change through fashion by bringing socially responsible brands to a global audience.

Ayesha now partners with 15 such brands and works closely with their founders to create new and exciting products. Products that have received acclaim from numerous leading fashion publications, such as British Vogue, Vogue.Com, Vogue Italia, Marie Claire Spain, Observer Magazine, FT How To Spend It, Grazia and many more.

Celebrities such as Livia Firth, Lily Cole, Eva Longoria and, Anne Hathaway have worn items that she retails.

Ayesha is now considered to be a thought leader in ethical fashion and is a contributor to the Guardian Sustainable Business. Ayesha was listed among the BBC’s #100Women of 2014.

It all started when at 16 Ayesha flew to Bangladesh, to work for the Grameen Foundation, a cause she was very passionate about. She started interning for the Grameen Check, a project to revive the handloom industry of Bangladesh, a skill that was under threat because of mass production.

While working to develop new patterns that would be marketable to international markets, Ayesha’s fascination grew as she watched the previously disheartened weavers gain confidence, become entrepreneurs and take life into their own hands.

She went on to complete her undergraduate degree in Economics and Politics from Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts U.S.A and her Masters in Mass Media and Communications from City University, London.

After three years as a Retail Marketing Manager for Pepsi UK, Ayesha set up Fashion ComPassion which mixed the passion she had felt at 16 with the skills she had gained by 29.

BASED IN: London

LANGUAGES: English and Urdu


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The Guardian, June 2014