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Winner of the 2013-2014 Arab Prize for Reform and Rebirth in the Middle East (Survival, 2012).

Alanoud is a gender and citizenship consultant currently working on a UNDP-WRCS project on national women married to non-nationals in the GCC States.  She has also consulted on gender politics for UNIFEM, Freedom House, and UNDP projects on academic and social outreach in Kuwait and the GCC.

Dr. Al Sharekh has a Phd in Comparative Literature and Feminism and an MA in Applied Linguistics and English-Arabic Translation both from SOAS, and a BA in English Literature and Paleography from King’s College London.  She has previously served as Visiting Fellow at the London Middle East Institute, Senior Fellow on Regional Politics at the International Institute of Strategic Studies, and Senior Political Analyst at the Kuwait National Security Bureau, and has had many teaching posts in Kuwait and abroad, including in Uppsala University, Sweden and SOAS, London, as well as serving as Visiting Scholar on the Islamic World Fulbright program teaching  “Contemporary Issues: Women in Islam” at Whittier College, USA.

Dr. Al Sharekh has authored a number of articles on gender and kinship policies in the GCC and a book on the evolution of comparative feminist consciousness Angry Words Softly Spoken  (Saffron Books, 2006). She has edited several books including The Gulf Family (Saqi Books, 2007), and Popular and Political Cultures of the Arabian Gulf States (Saqi Books, 2008),

BASED IN:Kuwait, London

LANGUAGES: English and Arabic.


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