Palestinian entrepreneur

Palestinian Managing Director

‘Nothing is easy to start here in Palestine. There are many issues we have to comply with, resulting in burdensome costs. We had delays once because there was not enough space for the dog to sniff around inside the container, and the consignment was sent back to us. We then had to unload and reload the container just to make sure that the dog could enter.’ Oriana Nasser

Oriana is the managing director and part owner of Jerusalem Stone Group, a high-quality limestone factory specializing in the production of unique architectural elements, slabs, tiles and cladding. The company exports mainly to the United States and Gulf States.

Successful export businesses run by women are rare in Palestine. According to the United Nations Development Programme, less than 3% of the exporting companies in Palestine are owned by women. Jerusalem Stone is one of those.

Oriana is a member of the Businesswomen’s Committee at the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which focuses on developing the skills of women in the business sector, and also serves on the Businesswomen Forum, Palestine.

Formerly, Oriana held several positions at IT companies. She has also worked at the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from San Francisco State University.

BASED IN: Bethlehem, Palestine
LANGUAGES: English and Arabic.

Women Entrepreneurs in Palestine