Nilufar Izadi (800x800)

Fine Artist

Nilu is a British-born fine artist of Iranian descent. Her love of photography has led her to travel extensively, meticulously building permanent and temporary cameras obscura world wide. Inspired by the different landscapes and backdrops to her obscura projects, as well as by her exposure to many different cultures, Nilu has made stunning photographic essays of each of these projects, and using Eric Renner’s 1 1/2″ Leonardo pinhole camera, she has pinholed the local people involved in these camera obscura projects. The pinhole photographs are timeless records of small communities, captured by use of long exposures.

In addition to the above, she delights in showing young people how photography works by way of cameras obscura and pinhole and sets up workshops where students can understand the basics and natural wonders of photography simply by viewing the live image inside the camera obscura and by making pinhole cameras and printing their photographs in the darkroom. For students of all ages, these classes are both memorable and invaluable. These workshops have been in association with most of the London Art Museums and Galleries.

Her work has been exhibited in the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Hayward Gallery and all over the world including in New Mexico, Beirut and Mumbai.

Nilu is also an accomplished Documentary and Events photographer. Her clients include Opera Holland Park and the organisers behind London Fashion Week .



Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 2013

The Yellow House, Beirut 1924-2010