Najah Osaily Palestinian business woman

Palestinian Business Woman


Najah is a business partner in her family’s business Osaily Trading Contracting Co. The company is one of the leading and prominent large scale construction companies in Palestine. It specializes in implementing large scale projects in all kinds of engineering contracting projects such as civil, electromechanical, water & sewage and Roads.

Ms. Osaily’s family business is a leader in implementing diverse prestigious projects such as hotels, universities, schools and commercial buildings.

Ms. Osaily holds an MBA from the University of Wales as well as a bachelor degree from the University of Jordan in Amman.

Najah is a member at the Arab International Women Forum (AIWF) in the UK; and one of the founders of Palestinian Business Women Forum in Palestine.

As a key member in her community, Ms. Osaily is a frequent speaker in seminars, panels and in the media and does a lot of work with organizations caring for youth and women locally and internationally.

Palestine is a place that presents both immense challenges and great opportunities for businesses. Najah speaks very eloquently about these issues as well as the issue of women in business in the Middle East in general and Palestine in particular.

BASED IN: Hebron, West Bank, Palestine.

LANGUAGES: English and Arabic.

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