De-Radicalisation Expert

Mossarat Qadeem works directly with mothers of radicalized youths, using her skill as a communicator and her detailed knowledge of the Quran, she rescues young men—including potential suicide bombers—who are being exploited by extremists. Afterwards, she ensures they are de-radicalized, receive job training and education and helps them with the difficult process of reintegrating into their communities. From the platform of her organization, PAIMAN she has been able to de-radicalize, rehabilitate and reintegrate 1137 youth and prevented thousands from becoming extremists.

Ms. Qadeem is co-founder of PAIMAN Alumni Trust, a nonprofit group promoting sociopolitical and economic empowerment of marginalized Pakistanis. With PAIMAN, she established the country’s first center for conflict transformation and peacebuilding, which has helped thousands of young people and women across the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Khyber Pukhtunkwa province to prevent and resolve conflict. Her contribution is the development of PAIMAN’s Mothers and Youth Peace Groups (TOLANA) an innovative way of neutralizing extremist tendencies through community mobilization, active citizenship and community empowerment  for building social cohesion..a model which has received international recognition and appreciation. Using Quran and Sunnah as the basis of her alternate narrative to extremists narrative that she has developed and uses to reform and transform the extremist youth is her other great achievement.

Ms. Qadeem is  internationally known expert on  countering violent extremism and de-radicalization and has contributed to the policy framework development of UNDTEC New York, UNWomen on the subject and works as resource person with many international organizations like ICAN, Institute for Inclusive Security, etc

To all her work, Ms. Qadeem brings the knowledge and experience she acquired during her 14 years as a political science professor at the University of Peshawar. She has initiated a unique model of Peace Education by bringing students of elite private school and Madrassa to build bridges of understanding to work collectively for social cohesion and tolerant societies. A model which is now being replicated in two other countries. Her contribution is the development of supplementary reading material on peace, tolerance and interfaith harmony for students.  She now works across South Asia on women peace and security, and developed her own training materials on these themes. An innovator and reformer, she helped expand Amn-O-Nisa, a coalition of women leaders of Paksitan, Afghanistan and India, binding women peace activist of the region to raise their voices for a peaceful region.

Ms. Qadeem has published two books, written many articles, and produced documentaries on topics including India-Pakistan relations, peace education, youth role in CVE and women’s (particularly mothers’) experiences with conflict and extremism. She was a minister of information of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Province in the interim government and remain member of FATA Reform Commission. 

BASED IN: Islamabad, Pakistan. 

LANGUAGES:  Pushto, Urdu, English.



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