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Expert on Civil Society and Transitional Justice in the Arab World 


Maryam Jamshidi is a lawyer and writer with nearly ten years of experience working on issues relating to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Her prior experiences include providing legal representation to a number of regional governments, working at a local human rights organization in a Middle Eastern country, and serving on a fact-finding mission to Egypt on behalf of the National Lawyers Guild.

Maryam has written various academic articles on transitional justice and the Arab world, with a focus on the International Criminal Court.  Transitional Justice is considered to be an effective approach to achieving justice in times of transition from conflict and/or state repression. By trying to achieve accountability and redressing victims, it provides recognition of the rights of victims, promotes civic trust and strengthens the democratic rule of law.

As part of her work on transitional justice, Maryam published a book, The Future of the Arab Spring: Civic Entrepreneurship in Politics, Art, and Technology Startups, which looks at the role of civil society in regional countries in transition. In addition to her academic writing, Maryam has published articles in media outlets such as Al Jazeera English and TruthOut. She is also the founder of Muftah.org, a digital magazine focusing, in part, on domestic and international issues affecting countries in the MENA region.


BASED IN: Washington DC, USA



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