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Lina is a Syrian journalist who recently served as the Middle East Regional Editor at BBC World Service. In 2013 she covered the Syria peace talks in Geneva as the BBC’s World Affairs reporter and before that, from 2007, she was the BBC’s Damascus-based correspondent.

Lina has extensively covered the Syrian uprising since its beginnings in 2011 and continues to follow developments in Syria and the region. She has published on the situation inside Syria following closely the position of President’ Assad’s regime and his government’s reaction to the uprising and later on the armed opposition.

She has also followed the situation of Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries and the development of the armed struggle with the rise of ISIS in Syria and its implications. In 2013, she produced and directed a film on Syrian Women during the uprising Suryyat.

With the start of the Arab Spring, Lina reported undercover from Libya and went on to cover the Yemeni uprisings that followed from their beginning until the ousting of President Ali Abdullah Saleh whom she interviewed just before he stepped out of office.

Before joining the BBC, Lina was a contributor to many media outlets including Newsweek and the New York Times. Lina graduated from Damascus University in 1996 with a degree in English and read Law at the Arab University of Beirut. In 2009 she completed a masters in International Politics at SOAS university.

In May 2013, she won the International Media Cutting Edge Award for her coverage of Syria.

BASED IN: London

LANGUAGES: English and Arabic

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