Kahnina Bouagache Morrocco


Lawyer specialist in Women’s Rights

Kahina is a Algerian Lawyer and women’s rights activists, with over fifteen years experience in the legal field. She initially embarked on a political career. She was elected to the regional parliament in East Algiers [2002-2004] as well as a representative to the EU-based international youth organization [2001-2003]. She then moved to organizational and government programs before joining private law firms.

Kahina has been with the American Bar Association (ABA) for over five years as a legal advisor Program Manager, working closely with the national judicial training centres and judges to develop a curriculum on the ethics code in Algeria and Morocco.

The project in Morocco focuses on women’s rights under the new family code, by promoting women’s and children’s rights. The project in Algeria is working towards strengthening the capacity building of different Bar Associations as well as Judges’ Unions.

As a coordinator for Amideast  for both Tunisia and Algeria, through the MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative) funded programs and for over three years, Kahina has worked to bring together young professionals from the Middle East and North Africa, by organizing training opportunities, grant opportunities and conferences, around themes related to Education, Women, Business and Politics.

She spent one year as a lecturer in Law Faculty, teaching political science and international relations at Algiers University. She joined Manaar Legal Consultancy in 2012 as a corporate lawyer, as a specialist in North Africa and the Maghreb.

She continues to manage Tomorrow Leaders Program for Amideast in the Maghreb region promoting Youth education.

Kahina is also a member of Women Legal Group NGO providing training as well as pro-bono support for women and women’s right organizations in the region, lawyers on best way to use law to protect women.  She is also a board member at the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies.

BASED IN: Between Paris and Algiers.

LANGUAGES: English, French, Arabic, Berber and German.



The Escalation of Gender-Based Violence Against Women and Girls in the MENA Region, January 2016