Huda Nassar

Awareness Foundation, Director for the Middle East

Huda Nassar is the Director for the Middle East at the Awareness Foundation, a Christian charity founded under the patronage of the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2003 to, among other things, build up understanding between the East and the West and strengthen and sustain Christians in the Middle East.

Huda is responsible for the development and implementation of all Awareness Foundation initiatives in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, assisted by a highly qualified group of consultants. Previously, Huda studied at Birmingham University where she earned her MA in Pastoral Theology.

Huda’s work involves developing bridge-building projects between the West and the Middle East. She gives talks and lectures at many conferences in the UK and the Middle East, focussing on the importance of preserving and supporting the Christian presence and identity in the Middle East.

Since the conflict began in Syria, Huda has developed a ground-breaking initiative to train young people as Ambassadors for Peace in their communities. Since the launch of this project in 2014, over 100 young Syrians have already been trained. Huda is working to extend this initiative to the rest of the Middle East.

As Director for the Awareness Forum, Huda organises conferences, lectures, round-table discussions and events both in the UK and the Middle East.