Heba Al Nasser

Asfari Fellow, Chatham House, The Middle East and North Africa Programme


Heba is a Research Fellow with the Queen Elizabeth II for Leadership in International Affairs at Chatham House. She is based at their Middle East and North Africa Programme under the Asfari Fellowship. The focus of her current research is the status of the civil society scene, concept and forms in Jordan that are reinventing the traditional CSOs concept. The work will bring forth a better understanding of the environment, challenges, structure of these new forms, and the way they operate. The questions of how to preserve their genuine interest from being contaminated with the current established forms of CSOs, and how to empower them to be effective will be addressed.

Heba is a Fulbright and a Chevening Scholar and holds an MSc in Social Policy and Development: NGOs from the London School of Economics.

Heba specializes in evaluating community development projects both internationally and locally in Jordan – with a particular focus on the evaluation of policy impact.

Before joining Chatham House, Heba worked for a number of local and international NGOs, most notably with the Queen Noor Al-Husseein Foundation running their Monitoring and Evaluation Unit on a range of development projects such as poverty alleviation, women empowerment and business development. She is also a certified Dialogue Education Practitioner with the Global Learning Partners and a freelance Evaluation Consultant.

Heba believes wholeheartedly that despite the different countries and cultures we come from, we are more similar than we think. And aside from her detailed academic research she has an addiction to Chocolate, which has awakened her entrepreneurial spirit. Following her stint in the US, she returned to Jordan and established S’mores and Mores, a small business bringing traditional American camp-fire S’mores treats to the Jordanian market. One day, when time allows it, Heba would love to grow her business.

BASED IN: London, UK

LANGUAGES: English and Arabic