Kinda has over 15 years of journalism experience. She’s covered the Middle East for some of the world’s leading broadcasters including: the UK’s Channel Four, Al Jazeera, Discovery Channel and the BBC. She has also worked as a media and publishing consultant.

A native of the region, Kinda knows firsthand the diversity of voices, experiences, and fresh perspectives that exist in the Middle East and the wider region, a territory all too often reduced to a one-dimensional narrative.

Bulbula is Kinda’s way of bringing this diversity to light, a chance for her to give the floor to expert women (both in the region and the diaspora).

By tapping into this amazing resource, Bulbula showcases the best on offer in terms of talent, intellect, analysis, and expertise.

Kinda herself is of mixed Dutch-Syrian background. She spent her childhood in Syria’s historic port of Lattakia  and has been living in the UK since 1985. A graduate of Edinburgh University and the Institut de Sciences Politiques in Paris, she speaks English, French, Italian and basic Dutch.