Professor of Linguistics and Gender Studies

Fatima Sadiqi is Professor of Linguistics and Gender Studies (University of Fez, Morocco); her work focuses on women’s issues in modern North Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean world.

She is author and editor of numerous volumes and journal issues, including Women, Gender and Language (Brill 2013), Women’s Activism and the Public Sphere: Local/Global Linkages (Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies 2006), Women and Knowledge in the Mediterranean (Routledge 2013), Moroccan Feminist Discourses (Palgrave Macmillan 2014), and Women’s Movements in the Post-“Arab Spring” North Africa (2016).

Fatima Sadiqi is also a public speaker in many languages and a member of many national and international scholarly and policy-making boards. Currently Professor Sadiqi is a Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center (2015-2016) and her upcoming book will focus on ISIS Ideology, the Question of Women and the Transformation of the Secular/Islamic Feminisms Divide in the MENA and Diaspora.

BASED IN: Fez, Morocco
LANGUAGES: Arabic, French, English and Berber.



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