Farhana Dawood

Expert on the Middle East and Asia Pacific


Farhana Dawood is an award-winning international news journalist with specialisms in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific.  Born in Kampala, Farhana grew up in Australia after her family left Uganda during the expulsion of the country’s Asian population by Idi Amin.

Farhana broadcasts and writes for BBC News on television, radio and online.  Her specialisms reference the region she grew up in  – the Asia Pacific  –  and the region she has spent a lot of time reporting from – the Middle East.

She has reported on the Arab Spring uprising since its beginnings in 2011 and was in Egypt for the country’s first free Presidential election.  She’s also worked for the BBC from Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Turkey, Kuwait and Jordan.

 Human rights, gender equality and mental health are key areas of interest for Farhana. Her work has received several awards including a “Connecting to Communities” honour for a program on the treatment of British terror suspects.

Prior to joining the BBC, Farhana worked for ITN, Sky news, SBS Australia and The Australian Financial Review Magazine.

BASED IN: London


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