Why choose Bulbula?

Unique in the market, we specialise in women from the MENA and South Asia regions who have excelled in their fields, women who are eloquent and interesting to Western and Eastern audiences alike.
Our in-depth knowledge of the region is reflected in the skills and knowledge of our experts. Of course, we still advise that you carry out your own due diligence. We are not acting as an agent and therefore do not take responsibility for the views or actions of any individual registered on our database.

Does Bulbula charge for this service?

There is no fee to connect you with the experts. We only require that you sign up with us and registration is free. We will continue to add to our list of experts over the next weeks and months and once you sign up we will keep you updated of all our new members.
If you’d like us to make arrangements on your behalf or to search for an expert who is not on our books, then we can do so for a fee. Contact Bulbula with a description of what you need and we’ll send you a quote.

Do our experts charge for media interviews?

Generally no.  If you need to take up more than a few hours of their time, individual experts may want to charge. This is to be worked out between you and them.

Do our experts charge for speaking engagements, panels and conferences?

Generally yes.  These charges will vary from speaker to speaker. Negotiations, contracts and fees are to be agreed upon between you and them, or their agents if they one. We do not act as an agent.


Do our Experts specialise in Middle Eastern and Muslim issues?

We feature commentators on a wide range of subjects from politics, to business, fashion, cinema, cooking and much more. Browse our All Experts page and see for yourself.

Where are our experts based?

The UK, Europe, the US, Africa and all over the Middle East and South Asia. Some of our experts travel between all these places.  Being mistresses of the spoken word, many of them are fluent in several languages, including English.


The opinions of the experts featured on this site are not those of Bulbula. The only opinion we promote is that everyone has a right to express their opinion. Diversity is key.

And finally…why only women?

It’s simply an attempt to balance the scales a little.