Elham Manea Political Scientist

Political Scientist and Consultant

PD Dr. Elham Manea is of dual nationalities, Yemeni and Swiss. She is a political scientist specialized in the Arab Middle East, a writer, and a human rights advocate. She has published academic and non-fiction books in English, German, and Arabic in addition to two novels in Arabic. She has also participated in high profile human rights cases in the Middle East and North Africa and acts as the speaker of jailed Saudi Blogger Raif Badawi’s family.

Among her publications:
• Women and Shari’a Law: the Impact of Legal Pluralism in the UK, March 2016
• The Arab State and Women’s Rights: The Trap of Authoritarian Governance (Yemen, Kuwait and Syria), June 2011;
• Regional Politics of the Gulf (Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Oman), September 2005

She works at the Political Science Institute, University of Zurich, as a Privatdozentin (compares to associate professor in the American System) and as a consultant for Swiss government agencies and international human rights and non-government organizations. She is a senior researcher at Project Safeguarding Democracy: Contests of Values and Interests, Swiss-South African Joint Research Programme (SSAJRP). In 2010, the Swiss Federal Council appointed Dr. Manea as a member of the Federal Commission for Women Affairs – a position she still holds today.

Elham Manea’s research interests include legal pluralism and Islamic Law, Political Islam (MENA, UK, South Africa), politics of the Arabian Peninsula, especially Yemen, and gender and politics in the MENA region.

BASED IN: Zurich, Switzerland

LANGUAGES: English, Germany and Arabic



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