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Dr. Hanan after speaking at the Indian Carmel School in Kuwait

Founder and Chair of Education Consortium, Kuwait

“The quality of education is fundamental to a democratic society and embedding values in education is not marginal to the main role of teaching but essential for the betterment of students, and the community that they are a part of.” Dr. Hanan

Dr. Hanan is an expert in education including educational diversity and equality, educational leadership and management policies and the establishment of innovative curriculum and pedagogical imperatives in Kuwait and the GCC market.

She is co-founder of Education Consortium, a non-profit educational organization in Kuwait that operates across all education levels from pre-school to post-graduate-level qualifications.

Dr. Hanan is one of the leading lights of education in the Gulf regions with over 25 years of experience and a number of international awards recognizing her outstanding achievements in this field.

Dr. Hanan is also the co-owner, board member and Chief Executive Officer of British International, a highly successful education conglomerate based in Kuwait and serves on the boards of various education-related government committees in the Gulf region.

Dr. Hanan was born and raised in Kuwait to an English mother and a Kuwaiti father. She has a PHD in Education from Cairo’s Al-Azhar university, a Masters of Science (Education) from Edinburgh university, and another Masters (Philosophy) from Oxford Brooks University.

Dr. Hanan is the only individual from the private sector who sits on Kuwait’s supreme council of education using her influence and expertise to improve educational outcomes across the whole country.

Dr. Hanan has also played a leading role in forging the way for arts and sports programs for the youth of Kuwait. Many of these initiatives faced traditional cultural resistance across many sectors of society, but Dr. Hanan has persevered in order to successfully introduce programs that serve young people’s best interests.

In addition to educational and youth-related ventures, Dr. Hanan’s initiatives encompass humanitarian work, gender equality, healthcare, politics, and economics. These initiatives spark collaborations across multiple communities and inform policy discussions at the country level. Some of these initiatives are through Hanan’s involvement on several boards including the Kuwait Red Crescent Society and Kuwait’s Supreme Education Council.

BASED IN: Kuwait

LANGUAGES: Arabic and English.