Dina Bseisu Mental Health Advocate

Mental Health Advocate


Dina Bseisu is the founder of  Challenge to Change. A social enterprise,  the first of its kind in the Middle East, which aims to provide a platform for women to share their experiences and challenges of dealing with issues such as Anxiety, Clinical Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Bipolar disorder. On a wider scope, Challenge to Change aims to encourage women to discuss life’s challenges and difficulties in order to empower them to face these challenges.

Dina aims to create dialogue, awareness and support for these women in a region where speaking about mental illness is still largely taboo.  Mental illness is recognized as the second most debilitating disease globally. Twice as many women are prone to depression as men, and often, women who suffer from it do not know where to turn to or how to seek help. Their sense of isolation and guilt is great. Many of these feelings are worsened by a severe lack of understanding and a near absence of effective therapeutic solutions.

Through Challenge to Change, Dina wants women to come forward and share their experiences, strengths and hopes. Rather than hiding in shame and suffering in silence, they should be proud of their resilience and personal strength as they face each day in spite of crippling disorders. They are successful mothers, career women, and creative, sensitive souls who should see their predicament as a badge of courage, not shame.

The bright side is: there are solutions! The blog in Challenge to Change seeks to address “Mental Wellness”, not “Mental Illness”. It aims to tell women that they can embrace their condition and turn it into source of strength, inspiration, and admiration. Challenge to Change aims to take-on the stigma and change the mindset around mental wellness.

BASED IN: Geneva, Switzerland

LANGUAGES: English, Arabic and French.


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