Dalia Ziada

Leading Egyptian Human Rights Activist


Dalia Ziada is a leading Egyptian human rights activist, socio-political analyst and writer championing women’s rights, civil rights, and liberal democratization

She was selected by The Diplomatic Courier as one of the 99 Foreign Policy Leaders under 33 (2013), named by Newsweek for two years in a row (2011-2012) as one of world’s most influential and most fearless women, named by CNN as one of Arab World’s eight agents of change (2012), selected by Daily Beast as one of world’s 17 bravest bloggers (2011), received Tufts University Presidential Award for civil work (2011), received Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Journalist Award for her blog (2010).

Currently, Dalia works as the Founding Director of Liberal Democracy Institute of Egypt (LDI), a youth-led think tank, established in November 2014, with the goal to promote and advocate liberal democracy in Egypt and the Middle East, through promoting liberal values of human rights, civil liberties, and individual freedom as the basis for a democratic state.

In the main time, Dalia has been selected by Egypt’s National Council of Women (NCW) since March 2016 as a member of its Foreign Affairs Committee. The committee is composed of women diplomats and activists with vast experience in foreign policy, international organizations, and civil society. The main goal of the NCW’s Foreign Affairs Committee is to represent the Egyptian women in world’s official and public arenas, not only on gender-related issues, but also on the more complex universal socio-economic and geo-political developments.

Before founding LDI, Dalia worked for three years as the Executive Director of Ibn Khaldun Center for Democratic Studies, and worked for six years as the regional director in Middle East and North Africa for the American Islamic Congress.

After Egypt’s 2011 revolution, Dalia co-founded a political party and ran for parliament. She did not win a seat, but this experience motivated her to initiate a training program with the name “Egypt Political Leadership Academy” to help turn young revolutionaries into future politicians. Since its establishment in 2012 and up to 2015, the Academy graduated more than 300 young potential politicians under 30 years-old. At least, half of them are women.

Dalia writes a weekly column on current affairs in Journal Masr,  one of the most prominent newspapers in Egypt. In addition, her pieces of analysis on international affairs appeared in several respectful media outlets in Egypt, the United States, and Europe.

Dalia co-authored and translated several books on Egypt and democratization, including A Modern Narrative for Muslim Women in 2010, Egypt, Whereto? in 2008, and Implacable Adversaries: The Internet and Arab Regimes in 2006.

Cairo, Egypt

LANGUAGES: Arabic and English.