Professor of Gender and Islamic Studies, Tunisia


Dr. Amel is a professor of Gender Studies and Islamic Studies at The University of Manouba-Tunisia. She is also a writer, and a human rights advocate.

She has published academic articles and books in Arabic, English, and French, raising awareness of issues surrounding women’s rights, minorities’ rights through media, round tables, group discussions, workshops, and seminars.

Dr. Grami’s research focuses on culture , society, religion and politics in the Middle East and North Africa region and on Islamist movements, gender relations, cultural expressions , media and social movements.

Her PHD from the university of Tunis [1993] was on Apostasy in Islamic Thought. She also gained a Doctorat d’Etat from Manouba university about Difference in Islamic Culture [2004]. She is a Columnist on Le Maghreb (Tunisian Newspaper) Eshorouk (Egyptian Newspaper

BASED IN: Manouba, Tunisia

LANGUAGES: Arabic, French and English.

AMEL ON SCREEN [in English] 

AMEL ON SCREEN [in Arabic]


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