Lebanon Ambassador Ukraine

Lebanon’s Ambassador in Kiev

“Women in the Middle East today are playing a big role in the political and business life of their countries. They are no longer confined to being housewives and mothers – they do all the jobs that in the past were confined to men alone. The percentage of women who work in banks, government departments and large corporations is on the rise. I hope that we will continue to see this trend growing.” Ambassador Claude Al-Hajal

Ambassador Al-Hajal is a Lebanese diplomat currently serving as Lebanon’s Ambassador to the Ukraine.

After graduating from the Lebanese University in Political Science, Mrs. Al-Hajal joined the diplomatic service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1994. She served as first secretary at the Lebanese Embassy in Jordan and later as Counselor at the Lebanese Embassy in Cairo.

In 2013 Mrs Al-Hajal was appointed as the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Lebanon in Ukraine.

Mrs Al-Hajal lives in Kiev with her husband Ramez Dimechkie, also a diplomat and a former Ambassador of Lebanon in Germany, and their young daughter.

BASED IN: Kiev, Ukraine
LANGUAGES: English, Arabic and French.