Syria Lebanon expert

Beirut Based Senior Correspondent

Alia Ibrahim is a Beirut based journalist.

She joined Al-Arabiya news in 2008 as a Senior correspondent and has since covered news for the channel from across the Middle East.

Ibrahim’s coverage of events has taken her since 2011 to most countries of the Arab spring including Yemen, Tunisia, Libya and Syria in addition to other impacting countries like Turkey and  Jordan.

In addition to her news coverage, Ibrahim has produced a number of documentaries focusing on liberties, human rights, women empowerment, freedom of speech, media and Islamic fundamentalism.

She is an op-ed writer and her columns have appeared in numerous Arab and International publications.

Since 2012 Ibrahim has been involved in the training of young journalists with focus on Syrian candidates based in Turkey.

Prior to joining Al-Arabiya Ibrahim was a Special Correspondent for The Washington Post (2005-2011), Beirut Correspondent for Dubai TV and Managing editor of the Daily Star where she started her career in 1997.

BASED IN: Beirut

LANGUAGES: English and Arabic.



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